tony's camera 4-21-12 084Our Story
Turri Ranch in Flournoy, California, was started in 1954 by my grandparents, Bill and Flora Turri, with hard work and honesty at the core of their philosophy and operations. The ranch was passed from my grandfather to my father, and I have continued to be involved. In 2009, my wife Marianne and I wanted a change. Her awareness of healthy food complemented my passion for improving our rangelands and growing grass-fed, grass-finished beef. As family has always been a priority for us, we enjoy teaching our children the responsibilities and rewards of hard work on the ranch.

Today, we spend a lot of our time both on our farm in Flournoy and in the surrounding communities of the North State. We take pride in our operations and we hope it shows when you try our beef—and trust us—if you try it, you will like it!

Mission Statement
We are committed to producing real, wholesome food through sustainable and responsible ranching methods.

Our Vision Statement
Turri Family Farms strives to be the premier source for grass-fed, grass-finished beef in Northern California.


  • Our cattle never receive hormones or antibiotics
  • Our cattle are 100% natural and eat a diet of all grass, all the time
  • We rotate our cattle from field to field which is good for the cows and good for the rangelands
  • Because of our humane handling practices, our cattle are calm and gentle
  • As cattle ranchers, what we do benefits the environment and the wildlife. These go hand-in-hand
  • We are proud to say that we offer some of the healthiest beef you can buy

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